Crickets Chirping

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy. We sit on the porch eating dinner, enjoying the warmth, and listening to the crickets chirping. It is summer's music.

There comes the time when the chirping stops and even though summer has already ended (school beginning is the de facto standard), the crickets signal the official end of the season with their silence. It's a sad time when you realize they've stopped.

We've just returned from a very relaxing trip and I'm excited to hold onto my very positive, summer-like sense of well being. The recipe? Sunshine and ocean and natural beauty were the main ingredients. Add in a very simple day plan, good food, lots of movement, and time to read and just mellow.  Leave out the news, politics, television, and other negativity (well, maybe a pinch or two now and then). Voilà, peaceful easy feeling.

How long can I hold on to it?  Similar resolutions to stay the course have tanked in the past but this time feels different.  So let's see if I can have my cake and eat it too. Back to work, but still on the beach.  Let's keep those crickets chirping.


Sound the retreat!

Beth and I are in Costa Rica now searching out a place that people from the Baltimore tundra would appreciate visiting in winter 2019. These types of group trips are called “retreats”.

I don’t think the word “retreat” does justice to what we’d like to offer.  The definitions mostly carry a negative connotation: an army retreating after losing a battle, or changing course as a result of criticism from others.  There is also the definition “a quiet place to withdraw to rest and relax” down further in the list That is the intended meaning but it comes with a lot of baggage.

Why not a positive term instead? Something life and living affirmative? If a retreat is just like a vacation (but in a tropical setting), isn’t a return to the place you wanted to vacate or retreat from the inevitable?  

Reprogram? That appeals to me as a computer geek but sounds a little scary and cultish. Mai Tai or Kool-Aid?

How about Rejuvenation?  Feeling and acting young again would be great.

Better yet, Tune-Up? Knowing that one’s engine is going to run smoother once out of the shop sounds good.  My desire after our week in Costa Rica is to return with fluids checked, brakes calibrated, and all pistons firing for the other 51 weeks of the year.  

If you're interested, you can find us on our Retreat page!